🌠A Well-Aged Secret Sauce In Snaring Extra Prospects?

Ever hear the phrase – “What you don’t know can’t hurt you?” Truly there are times that is applicable. For example, if you’re an Internet marketer, NOT knowing that exiting your starship while in orbit around Boreth, minus any extra breathing gear, *will* 100% kill you … … that lack of knowledge won’t hurt you… Read more

🌠 6 Second Bigger Faster Better Video Ads Revenue?

Ever wish you knew the closely guarded secret of maximizing your video marketing return? I mean, isn’t it wonderful to have people buy simply based upon your video? But here’s the thing – sometimes (perhaps 99% of the time) people lack the time and/or patience to watch an entire video presentation. And that’s maddening, right… Read more

🌠Dealing with Toxic Moms During Mothers Day

It’s Mother’s Day here in the States! Happy Mom’s Day for you if you/yours celebrate it…. BUT if you have a toxic mom, it’s ok NOT to feel happy joy joy. When I was growing up, one never missed Mothers Day. Nor Mom’s birdieDay (which is why Honorable Son 1 was born one day before… Read more

🌠 The Brazenly Glorious Way To Lose Marketing $?

Have you ever been crushed under a desire to see on your Facebook page someone doing a 180 turn and declaring, thanks to your logic, I now see the light! My opinions have been changed! Yeah, me neither. You know, when it comes right down to it…. … all arguments really result in on FB… Read more

🌠The Formidable luminosity of Social Media Tools?

Ever truly hanker for the gift of knowing the very very very bestest goodies online these days… … that will deliver unto your deserving hands bunches of social media goodness and customer-retaining data… … that will send your customers into euphoric joys and happiness? Well then! has a rather interesting writing that lists not… Read more

🌠You’ll never believe this one weird way to do this?

Ever wish you could ensure every bit of work you create online results in torrents of hungry folks stampeding their way to your site, clamoring to share your work and buy your products and overall, make life all-peachy-like? Well then! most definitely delivers on the goods, without even resorting to dramatically shocking clickbait titles… Read more

🌠 Making your lead magnets so shiny could be a trailer?

It’s true…. One of the best ways to profit online is to grow your list so your subscribers will automatically listen to anything and everything you might say. So…. increasing that list size make a huge amount of sense! That’s why is rather enticing. They cover goodies like: Make the benefits clear. Make it… Read more

🌠 Pinterest plus eCom equals NJ (aka Perfect Together)?

Ever remember those NJ governor commercials: NJ and you – perfect together! They happened sometime around the 1700s or so but wow… That was certainly one phrase that everyone remembered! Well, nowadays, substitute: “NJ” with “Pinterest” and “You” with “eCom” and you get this one rather coolio post entitled “5 Ways to Use Pinterest to… Read more

🌠The cookie might finally be crumbling – here’s what it means

Ever wonder what would happen if YOUR particular affiliate cookies…. … crumbled? Not to put too fine of a point on it – had a fascinating update regarding the Google Chrome Browser. Most notably: “Google is planning to announce new tools for Chrome that offer users more control over third party tracking cookies, according… Read more

🌠The Day the Music Died

The Day the Music Died What does that mean for you? For me, it means the day that someone crossed the line… and you realize things can never be the same. How do you deal with that when it happens? I can assure you, it’s a gutpunch. And its something you cannot just “make go… Read more

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