How Being Figuratively Hit By A Bus Can Be The Best Thing Ever

Oh wow.

You know, there are times I say to myself, whatever you want to throw at me, LIFE, give it your best shot!

And then LIFE responds with a doozie.  Sigh….

As y’all know, while in Las Vegas my ankle collapsed with a fiery explosion worthy of Mt. Vesuvius on baseball steroids.  Well, okay, not quite that dramatic…but 2 weeks have passed and it’s not recovering anywhere NEAR the way it should.

So I just had a talk with my Better Half, and he brought up the blindingly simple fact that:

IF I’m still in degradation mode….

  • THEN consider that getting the surgery that will have to be done ANYWAY….done…
  • SHOULD result in me recovering sooner and getting my body used to it at a younger age.

Wisdom that is…yes.

SCARY AS HELL THAT IS….yes as well!

The above, of course, is logic.

The emotional me, however, started crying because:

I didn’t think it would have to happen so soon.

I love crying sometimes, I really do…it clears out all the negative energies and allows me to accept my usual courage and fortitude once that rises to the surface.

Highly recommended crying is!

But I digress.  🙂

At some time methinks I will be traveling to NYC to see more about it. Ideally, I still DO want to get to the September 28th Orlando event…. but we’ll see.

So!  What does this mean for me?

It means:

1.)  MASSIVE redefining of business.  Honestly, I might not HAVE to do that…but I’m USING it as another reason to move myself forward.   I’m already uncomfortable anyways…so why not go the full 9 yards!

2.)  See Step 1).   🙂

So why is this the best thing ever?

Because choosing to face reality…..rock!

‘sides that, life is going well – methinks I’m going to give myself permission to grieve for a bit and then move on.

Life happens….but how you choose to deal with it is what defines the future of the rest of it.

And mine will be grand.  🙂

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling


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