Why the HELL should I care about you in 2012?


It's August!

And 2012 is only 4-odd months away!

So let me now ask you the following critical question about your business in 2012.

Can you tell me why people should care about you?


I mean, let's be serious.

  • What do you offer to them that they cannot find anywhere else?
  • What emotions do you spark when they visit your page?
  • What benefits are obvious your customers will receive should they choose to buy from you?



In today's social networking, it always really does help that you can reach out and touch your customer base in such a way…that they *want* to tell their friends about your goodness.

And how can you do that?

Well, lessee.

  • You can do the usual superb newsletter every week (I try to do that meself).
  • You can offer sweepstakes!
  • You can participate on community site and proactively answer questions your future customers have…today.

Anything you can do that makes you stand out… It's a good thing indeed!

It all comes down to…

Branding yourself.

What actually *is* the tagline of your brand?

For example, my parenting brand is "Powerful Parenting."

My entrepreneuring brand is "Online Profits, Made Fresh Daily."

What's yours?

Need some help with that?  Enjoy the following:

And it goes beyond personal business too:

In closing…

Do *not* be complacent when it comes to being smart about your 2012 business marketing.

Be proactive instead…and *show* why people should care the hell about you.

It can only beef up your bottom line.

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

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pps – and if don't forget about:

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