Cast on for another 2 weeks, Zero energy, Less!


Yesterday, I had hoped my cast would be taken off.

It was, certainly, and a new one put on!  Woohoo!


But these things happen.

Got grand pix over on my FB page at
boggles the mind it does!  🙂

Anywhos, yesterday saw me setting up my Tumblog over at

Plus I finished Begin Your Tumblr Empire (yay!) – that will be released this weekend.  Woot!

And how is your day planning out?  Me, I have ZERO energy (honestly, I’m soul-weary right now…. just want to curl up and hide but hey, sales pages don’t write themselves!  So I’ll dive into coffee and yep…we’ll see how things work out.

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling


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