🌎 EF Academy Reviews in Thornwood: Covid19 Actions

🌎 EF Academy in Thornwood: Covid19 Actions Here’s the safeguards they have in place: Arrivals Will the campuses open in September? EF Academy in Thornwood’s plans is to have all of our campuses open in time for the start of the new school year in September and are working closely with local authorities to make… Read more

🌎 EF Academy in Thornwood has new laundry services!

🌎 EF Academy in Thornwood has new laundry services! This is rather cool to see – they moved to AutoMaticLaundry.com . To wit: “…Additionally, Automatic Laundry also implemented its proprietary LaundryConnect™ that links the commercial washers and dryers installed on campus to the internet. EF Academy Students now have access to a laundry monitoring web page… Read more

🌎 EF Academy in Thornwood is opening in August

EF Academy in Thornwood is opening in August It turns out that EF Academy is letting International students arrive late August, go directly to school from airport, and then quarantining for 2 weeks. How one can enforce this will be quite interesting indeed! However in the past, EF Thornwood would let Juniors/Seniors visit off-campus to… Read more

🌎 EF Academy Teachers/Professors Reviews

Review of EF Academy in Thornwood, NY – Teachers/Professors During my son’s time at EF, he encountered really fantastic teachers… and teachers who could definitely improve. I’ll start off with some names and add to them over the coming weeks: Header Master – Vladimir Kuskovski Drama Teacher – Giovanni Villari International Rep  – Jason Kitschner… Read more

🌎Review of EF Academy Academics in Thornwood, NY – IB Diploma

Review of EF Academy in Thornwood, NY – IB Diploma The IB Diploma is definitely one benefit to EF. More comprehensive than the American diploma, it’s recognized internationally and carries much more weight. During my son’s junior year, he was taking a total of 8 courses (and managing to hold his own!). Here’s some of… Read more

🌎 Reviews of EF Academy in Thornwood, NY

I’ll be presenting my take shortly, but in the meanwhile…. Looking for reviews of EF Academy in Thornwood, NY? There’s lots of EF Academy review sites! Check out: (and be sure to read to the bottom on this page to sign up for the latest EF updates from me): Niche.com EF Academy Reviews Boarding School… Read more

🌎 EF Academy Thornwood NY Experiences

My experience with EF academy in Thornwood, NY, started in Sept. of 2017.  It is a for-profit boarding school owned by Education First, a company that focuses on: A world-class education Educational travel Global boarding schools University programs abroad and more. It’s going to take some time to fully capture my take on EF Academy… Read more

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