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The illustrious Brad Spencer gave me the headsup to Forbers:

And WOW!  It’s really stellar.

Here’s MY take on it, and how you can apply it for your own situtation!

#1 Spend more time on the not-to-do list

Before reading this, I never considered that!

We ALL have HUGE timesucks in our life.  For example, you might have to spend an hour or so on basic house chores…an hour that could instead be making you money.  Solution?  Hire a housekeeper.

Or, you might spend ‘way too much time on FB/Skype etc.  You can reframe these activities in your mind as a  ‘reward’ and just like in dieting….treat yourself once you’ve achieved a goal.  It might be, blogging first thing in the morning, seeing what new products have popped up, writing an extra 2 pages in your latest work, etc.

In other words:

  • Action: This needs to be done so:
  • Reward!: This can be enjoyed!

Need some lined paper on which to brainstorm?  Grab it at .

#2 Essential first, email second

I’m a bit leery on this one, as I personally live for email.

The idea is to do the MOST important thing FIRST…and then email SECOND.

So I’m going to modify this like so:

Do the thing that makes your day start POSITIVELY first.


  • Make coffee.
  • Exercise for 10 minutes.
  • Indulge in glorious sex!
  • Read funny cartoons like !

Here’s some more ideas!


#3 Resolve to think about “Who” instead of “What”

This is SUCH a huge benefit for those in Internet marketing!

Basically, it’s saying that we need to focus on the end users of our stuff – our customers.

  • But how many of us consider mainly the “OH GEE JEEPERS ITS SOOOO SHINY!” aspect of our products?


Make no mistake, visually engaging/quality your customer IS tremendous!!

But NOT the be-all and end all.

To help you REALLY zero in on what will make your customer scream WOOHOO! about your offerings, Survey them!

Great survey tools and tips can be found at:

And surveys themselves:

Hope you’ve enjoyed these 3 tips!  To grab the rest of them (and more excellent tools online), sign up below for my “Resolutions Goodies!” and be prepared for sheer awesomeness to stampede your way.

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

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