17 Awesome Quick Simple How-To Resources and Tutorial on Google Circles


Unless you’ve been attached to several dozen fossilized clams, chances are, you’ve heard about Google’s new foray into Social Media entitled (drumroll please!)…

Google Circles! (not to mention, Google Plus).

Right now, it’s in field-test beta mode, but trust me when I say you’ll *want* to join in as soon as possible.

Why, I hear you ask?

Simply for the nifty reason that within Google Circles, you can separate all of your friends into specific groups (ie, circles), view their “wall” posts, send selective messages/emails, etc.

Think about this for a moment.

Let’s say that within your Facebook profile, you have:

  • Folks with whom you business network
  • Students/customers
  • Fellow karate practicioners
  • People who love moose wrangling
  • Internet marketers
  • Authority figures in the SEO space
  • Your family
  • Your best friends

Well, Google Circles will allow you to separate out and manage individually each grouping of folk.

Thus, you could send your new product release to only your customers in Google Circles, and leave out your close friends/family.

  • You could send out that nifty new “Eeek!  Google Is Killing My Sites Because SEO is Stupid!” video you just made…only to those who are in the SEO space.
  • You could notify fellow mommy  bloggers about your BlogHer ideas…without letting anyone else in your network see.

And so on, and so on.


With that out of the way, here are some excellent tips/resources/tutorials to prepare you for the wonders of Google Circles.

Step 1.)  Sign up for notification to Google Circles!

You can find it right here at Google Plus Forms.

Wasn’t that simple?

Step 2.)  Take the tour and demo Google Circles.

Click on the Google Circles Demo link…and then select Circles and Hangouts and….like so.

Google Ricles

The Google Circles Tour and Demo will walk you through exactly how things will look once you’re signed up.

Methinks you’ll see it’s *extremely* powerful.

Step 3.)  Watch some great Google Circles Video Tutorials

As you can imagine, some enterprising individuals have already made some nifty ones!







Step 4.) Read about some creative uses of Google Circles!

You’ll love these resources…

and then

Neat, eh?

In closing, you should definitely get ready for Google Plus and Google Circles…it really does look like it’s leaps and bounds ahead of Facebook for selective sharing, ease of use and much much more.

What’s your take?  And if you’d like to network with me…

Find me over at gplus.to/mamabearmother !

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

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