On Being A Blindly Dip-like Idjut

Good morning!

It’s Monday morning and today marks the 15th day since my ankle fusion surgery.

The last 3 days were really the worse…I think perhaps, however, I’m turning the corner.  Friday night and Saturday night saw massive non-sleep…Sunday I gave myself permission to rest more and just plain….sleep.  It was very needed and I think… I can now tackle my life again!

So where am I?

It’s now 10/22/12.

I haven’t released a product for almost 3 months, but have consistently brought in between 13K and 18K/month via email marketing.

And while I can continue in this vein, I’m definitely choosing the idjut way if I choose NOT to evolve.

No matter what is going on in my life – it simply HAS to keep moving forward.

Here’s some things I’m considering.

1.)  Hiring a manager to keep streamline my business.

There’s some things I can accomplish on my own but during the next 2.5 months at the very least…. I can’t do it all on my own.  I need to outsource:

  • Product/OTO copy
  • Support

and get a good feel for 2013.  So I’m investigating this.

2.)  Structuring out viable online properties

I know how to create a hugely viral fanpage in Facebook.  Thing is, I’d like to do that to also build MY brand and NOT just humor/fun/puppies/etc.

I need to add infotainment, plain and simple.  That means I need to structure out daily activities to reach/amuse/entrance my audience…..still figuring that out.  Something daily, something quick, something viral.  Hmmmmm….

3.)  Launch twice a month at 100% affiliate commission

I create grand products…but my main business, the one I really enjoy….is email marketing.    And that means launching twice a month.

However, I also want to give back to my community as well…and that means launching twice a month at 100% front end and 100% backend too.

This will require a daily scheduling.

4.)   Streamline instant bonus downloaad creation.

I have the programming knowledge to quickly create done-for-you products by writing a script, inputting variables and pressing “GO”.

I could also easily create a suite of products too…and offer them as well on Nanacast for niche audiences.

This is money I’ve been leaving on the table….have to fix that.

I think, however, the main point is…

I can spin my wheels in my current situation or work up to my potential while NOT relapsing.

And I think….I’m going to choose that particular action.

I’ll keep y’all posted!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling


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