Why you NEED your own dynamic business domain for 2012

Are you marketing online?

If so, are you using a free site or blog like WordPress.com or blogger.com etc.?

Let me tell you now, you are *truly* shortchanging yourself if this is the case.

Think about it.

Just about all of the successful sites online – they're *not* blarg.wordpress.com, but a bonafide real domain name.

A real name, just like a real house, gives the impression of permanence. 

But even more….

A real domain can always be modified and updated as your business interests change with the times.

I certainly have experienced this meself!  Back in 1997, BarbaraLing.com dealt with Internet recruiting and SEO.

Over the years, I've mastered teaching real estate marketing, eBay and auctions, affiliate marketing, home improvement savings, teaching children how to read, and much much more!

So whenever my business model changes, my fans come along with me for the ride.

Devising a business domain name for your site is easy to do!  And yes indeed, I know…it's been said that all the good names are taken.

To which I boldly declare….

Not true!

You can spin keywords, explore at expired domains and more.

Some fun tools that let you come up with great ideas include:

And when you do decide to buy a domain name, you can always search on Google for discounts like

You can always manage to save money online this way!

Heck, I just bought the domains:



Amazingly, these domain names were available.  And I snapped them up…and they're now part of the MamaBear suite of sites.

I've had BarbaraLing now since, when, 1996?

And it's truly been a boon now for me these past 15 years.

Want some great video learning?  Check out:

For 2012, help beef up your income's fitness by making yourself legit online!

Get a real business domain name for your work….it will greatly enhance the perceptions of your professionalism.

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

ps – The above is only a smattering of the goodness you'll discover in my book, Income Fitness! If you'd like to get the complete blueprint to making 2012 YOUR year, check out the latest edition of Income Fitness below.

Income Fitness

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