Why You NEED a Personal Name Domain Yesterday for 2012

Yesterday, I wrote a bit about business domains.

But…there's one more domain you should consider right away!

And that's your own personal name domain, like






(okay, that last one wasn't quite a personal name, but hey.  It's my alter-ego.  🙂  )

The plain fact is…as you continue to grow and develop in life, not only will your interests change, but you'll be adding new business experience to your life's work as well.

Can *you* say, personal resume portfolio site?

And if you have children, it's imperative that you snag their names asap as well, so when *they* are in the Real World, they'll already have their own launchpad ready for them.

I walk this particular talk meself; all of my kids have their own domains, the standard gift I give my friends are their own domain names, and heck – I just bought two more today for business colleagues as well.  

Seriously, once someone buys your own name, you're up the proverbial paddle without a creek!

And if your name is taken, you can look at other top level endings like:

If FirstnameLastname isn't available, you can go for:

  • FirstInitialLastName
  • FirstnameLastInitial
  • FirstnameLastnameRocks
  • AskFirstnameLastname

See what I mean?

Now, true…just because it makes lots of sense to do this, be aware of one thing.

If you choose to go out of your way for your friends and buy *them* a domain name, they might not realize quite how important it is.

But, also remember…if you don't do this, who else will?

Doing the right thing is always of importance.

Want to learn how to buy a domain name?  Here are some nifty ideas:

And of course, it's only the first step!  Once you have it, you should incorporate it all into your social networking as well.  My guide, Income Fitness, is the complete blueprint that shows you how.  Click below to learn more!

Income Fitness

Remember, Brand You is, well, Brand You.

And a personal name domain site will go lightyears towards establishing your presence.

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

ps – speaking about domains, have you seen:

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