I woke up, well, undeniably *changed* today.

Good morning!

Today, I woke up an utterly different person than I was yesterday.

See, yesterday…..

I gave the following webinar at barbaraling.com/shows/rss-jedi/.

Want to know what’s so cool about this?

2.5 weeks ago, I had never given webinars on my own.

And yesterday’s, well….it was a 1.25 hour long webbie, chock full of actionable content….with a powerpoint of over 40 slides.

And the product?

Well, the RSS Jedi Mastermind came to me earlier this week.  I’ve been doing RSS now since, what, 2006…

And recently decided to up my game beautifully with it.

As I was going thru what was second nature to me, I realized that hey!  This is great teachable material that hardly anyone talks about!

It’s *real* under-the-radar stuff.

And the idea was born – bring together students to learn from me!


Yesterday morning, I wrote a 20 page power PDF blueprint, sketched out the webinar an hour before I was due to go live….and just made it *happen*.   Didnt even use a JVzoo or W+ button – since this was sent solely to my list, I just provided a naked Paypal button instead.

And it worked *wonderfully*!

Today, I woke up to start the day at the private FB group when it hit me like a ton of coffee cups.

I *did* it.

I conceived of an idea and within 48 hours….did the free hour long value webinar, set up the product and *made it happen*.

Virtually on my own.

I went outside my comfort boundaries….

I leaped off the cliff…..

And watched my wings unfurl beautiful.  I flew with the phoenixes!

So yep.

Today….I’m a different woman indeed. I have *lived* breaking my comfort boundaries.

Everything….it’s totally different now.  Woot!

And onto today!

Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

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