Stop being a lemming and start being a leader – 5 Minutes of Being Brave, Making Money and the eBay Affiliate Program


Do you write a blog?

Do you maintain a site?

And most importantly….

Do you have enough self-confidence in your own judgments regarding how both you choose to communicate online AND how you run your own business?

Lately, it seems like everyone and their coffeecup are flocking to share their thoughts online. Social networking, tweeting, stumbling, flickring, twhirling, bright-kiting….you name it, and probably 2,173 bloggers are dabbling their left toes into it and beyond.

But have you noticed….like the majority of humanity, people can fall prey to the lemming tendency and write ONLY within the parameters the A-list chooses?

It never fails – watch one A-lister write about a particular topic, and whooosh! 13 more people will provide their sites, which lead to 78 people offering THEIR insights, which leads to…….

Lots and lots of lemmings online.

Making money with one’s blog tends to follow the same principle! Look around at popular blogs – you’ll see the cute adorable 125×125 advertising buttons, Adsense, and other pay per click thingees. But those generally deliver decent income when you have A HUGE amount of traffic.

Tell me now – how many other blogs besides mine do you see that takes advantage of the free eBay affiliate program? (that’s what’s delivering all the goodies you see in the right column).

I know it works because I’ve been making the majority of my income that way since 2004; I consistently choose to ignore what everyone SAYS works for them…and WORK to discover my own path myself.

Are you the same way?

Do you choose to try different things, embrace learning from making mistakes, and go on to bigger and better things?

If not (especially because my 5 minutes are almost up), I have but one question to ask you….

and it’s this.




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