3 SUREFIRE Ways To Brilliantly Sabotage Your Business for 2012

Ever wish your online business would sink faster than 16 metric tons of nuclear cactus needles?

'course you have!  Because when your business fails, you can then sit in the corner, sulk, and feel totally miserable by yourself!

Self-pity – it's 'way easier to endure than fortitude!

With that as an introduction, if you feel your business needs some assistance in visiting the Titanic, do the following ASAP.

Technique #1.)  Depend upon others to succeed

By far, this is the most popular method for people to fizzle, flounder and see their business die an agonizing, screaming death.

After all, what's easier than to expect others to:

  • Proactively look out for you?
  • Flag potential problem points?
  • Point out where you should have turned left instead of right?

The insidious thing is, though, unless you've truly internalized how your business success rests upon you and you alone, you'll be tempted to wait for mentors to help you out, or your network to pitch in and restore your marketing, or your customers to tell their friends, or …..

See what I mean?

The plain fact is, in virtually 100% of the cases,  nobody but *nobody* gives a freakin' damn about your online success.

Actually, let me amend that.

Folks might give lip-service for it…but when push comes to shove, they'll look out for their own number one *first*.

The Fix: The fix is pathetically easy in words…but horribly difficult to implement.

And it's this.

Take *ownership* of both your successes *and* failures.


Don't know how to set up a website? 

There are bunches of free tutorials online like:

But *you* have to give yourself permission to just freakin' *do it*.

The next way to fail miserably in 2012 is:

Technique #2.)  Weakly scattershot your business efforts

I'll confess.

It *is* tempting to try 382 different things day after day.

I know, as back in my portal building days, I did just that!  'course, back then I had broken the Google code and was raking in $20,000/month from eBay, Amazon and Google, but still.

It sure is tough to keep things straight!

Our plain fact for this failure is:

You *need* to focus your efforts *intelligently*.

After all, going back to rule #1, you only have yourself on whom to depend (even if you outsource stuff).  So…you *need* to put forth your efforts wherever they generate the most optimal results.

It's called branding and building a reputation as an authority!

As in:

Luckily, the fix here is rather simple.

The Fix: Remember, there are only 24 hours in a day.

Use them wisely.

I said it was simple.  🙂

And the last way to ensure your business dies a harrowing death and goes down in flaming cinders is to:

Technique #3.)  Sit and whine instead of standing and fixing

True, I'll give you the following.

It's much easier to whine about failing than to get up off your rear and make things happen.

The first requires no courage.

The second….*defines* courage.

A wee bit of difference, aye?

And that says it all, as does:


You *do* possess the keys to your 2012 business success.

The question is:

Do you also possess the confidence to use said keys to unlock it?

Only you….can answer.

Grow strong,

— Barbara Ling

ps – speaking about business success, are you yet an authority brand?  If not, definitely check out the updated 2012 edition of  Income Fitness below.

Income Fitness

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