Best Video Marketing For Newbies: eBooks, Tutorials, Products and more – Tips #1

What a tremendous week, eh?

Today closes my week-long video marketing tips collection, and what a tremendous amount of goodness was discovered!

So far, I've written about:

Let's close out with a nifty post entitled:

Best Video Marketing For Newbies: eBooks, Tutorials, Products and more – Tip #1

After all, before you can become a video marketing master, you have to first embrace the video marketing beginners basics for newbies, eh?

So without any further ado, let's begin! 

NOTE!Video Marketing Tutorials

As you can probably tell, this is my favorite:

Video Marketing Blueprint

It shows you, step by step, how to make videos without using a camera and with using bunches of free resources….it's just plain *perfect* for beginners and newbies.

Got that?

Next, you'll notice that if you search out

video marketing tutorial

Most of what you'll find are indeed products and the like.  'course, it's doubtful that you'll find a cheaper price than what Video Marketing Blueprint runs for (less than $10!)

So the best ways to find tutorials, besides saving hours and days etc. by buying the product, is to search for *specific aspects* to video marketing.


Tutorials can also be done in screencasts, as well!  Witness:

And don't forget these professional products:

Video Marketing Empire


Video Trianing

Now, what if you're like me and utterly hate watching videos to learn about video marketing?

Not to fear, here are some:

NOTE!Video Marketing eBooks!

The following are useful if you'd like to read up on how to master video marketing.

Newbies Guide to Video Marketing

Shows you:

  • Exactly what video marketing IS

  • What video marketing can do for you and your business

  • What makes a great video

  • How to actually MAKE videos

  • Where to get the software you need

  • Where to get the software you need on a budget

  • Where to get the software you need for FREE

  • How to create your videos using webcams, or screen capture software

  • How to use your finished videos in your business

  • How to market your products using video

  • Exactly where to submit your videos to grab traffic

  • How to host videos so they play faultlessly

  • Which services (often free) are a MUST HAVE for video marketers

  • How to upload your videos to your blog or webpage

  • and much much more…

Click HERE to learn more about Video Marketing For Newbs!

Video Marketing Devastation

You gotta love the names marketers come up with!

I like the premise behind this – it describes how to use videos to achieve front page status on Google for search results.

  • The Most Powerful Tool I have Ever Discovered For Dominating Page 1 of Google With Several Results Inside the Top 10
  • A sneaky tactic that ethically uses other peoples video content for instant videos
  •  8 video creation techniques with step by step instruction
  • A Powerful Tool that creates your branded video content at the click of a single button
  • 1 incredible video production technique that brings your concept to life with fictional characters and a compelling storyline
  • Insider Strategies for Creating killer web cam videos
  • A Devastating video distribution strategy that will explode your online traffic almost immediately
  • 15 Ground Breaking White Hat Tactics that guarantees your video dominates all major video sharing sites and drive hoards of motivated buyers to your websites.
  • 3 Killer Grey Hat Tactics that will explode your video traffic with Zero Extra Effort – These strategies are where the guru’s really take things up a notch
  • 4 Little Known Strategies That Create An Avalanche of Visitors from Twitter, Facebook and MySpace
  • 9 closely guarded strategies to ensure your video goes viral
  • 3 Powerful tactics to ensure viewers click on your video link and watch your video right to the end
  • 4 Devastating Techniques that accelerate your video views so quickly that they appear on YouTube's front page directly visible to 80 millions visitors a day.
  • 4 Insider strategies for using your blog to ‘tickle Google’s belly’ and get it to take notice of your video content.
  • 9 lethal methods to optimize the video’s title to attract maximum attention and click throughs
  • 3 Little Known tactics for squeezing the maximum targeted traffic from strategic tagging. 
  • 4 clever thumbnail optimization strategies that visually impact the viewer and attract their attention over competing videos
  • 3 overlooked methods for optimizing your video description that will attract Google’s attention like ‘bees to honey’.
  • 3 magnetic techniques that turn your video into an unstoppable mailing list builder.
  • 5 sure fire methods for optimizing your video for top search engine placement
  • 1 Killer method guaranteed to attract 100,000 video views in 48 hours – this is a lethal weapon for seriously attracting search engine attention.
  • 1 surprising method for artificially increasing your video views on autopilot at no cost to you.
  • The 8 Secrets to Dominating Page # 1 of Google

It appears to definitely be worth your while to investigate!

Click HERE to learn more about Video Marketing Devastation!


In closing, the information certainly is out there if you want to master video marketing!

But it's up to you to give yourself permission to take that first step.


Grow strong,

Barbara Ling

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