Your THURSDAY Morning Perkup! My latest (easy affiliate marketing with:), zero cost class today FB, more!

Your THURSDAY Morning Perkup! My latest (easy affiliate marketing with:), zero cost class today FB, more!

| oOo ==> Webinars: The NEXT Generation!
WHY:  How you can generate $100+ commissions
| even if you have zero intention of running your own!
Good morning!
IT’s Thursday morning and I’m thrilled to
announce that my latest

Webinars: The NEXT Generation!

Is now LIVE!  And oh, it’s really good –
it will show you the techniques I use myself
to make $100+ commissions from other peoples
products via free resources online.   Sweet!
And over here in LingLand, it’s supposed
to not rain (yay!) and maybe even the
snow will  melt (yay!).   I’ll be getting
my product up on the Warrior Forum today
as well but yep – it’s available NOW if you
want to get the best deal.
Got lots to share but first:
Catch this 16 Billion Dollar Acquistion?
And onto today!
First, YES, grab
| oOo ==> TOTALLY Newbie Friendly!
One bonus is even a class on Monday that
shows you *exactly* how you can make
even MORE profits from webinars in detail!
Don’t forget yesterdays:
Looking to go beyond Teeshirts and Facebook?
If so, look at Ben Adkins’ latest!

==> Arbitrage Magician TODAY at 3pm!

During this zero-cost call, you’ll learn:
You’ll discover a totally unique way to escape from depending on sites like teespring for your facebook based traffic and why you must do this in the next 6 months.
How to setup your own store in less than an hour with no coding or fancy html knowledge needed.
You’ll find out how to test products out with your facebook audience without ever having to contact a dropshipping company and how to know the winners before you do too much work.
==> Catch that less than an hour?


Brief pithy and to the point:

Some day… people  will do things like…. THIS!

To wit:
“Here’s what happened… and how you’re about to benefit massively from a little prank that kind of got out of hand.
In fact, if you kind of feel stuck in your online business… this unique offer will light a fire under your seat and get you taking action faster than Leo DiCaprio on that Wall Street movie. Anyways…
Dave (the incredibly handsome dude on the video above) – asked Wil & Jason to let the Rapid Crush, Inc. team do a promotion of our own. Wil and Jason both said that it was cool and we could do it… but this should NOT take up a minute of THEIR time… and that whatever we did, they will run with it.
They should NOT have said that last part.
We came up with a fun competition… that would have the “loser” do fun (and, perhaps, slightly embarrassing) stuff for the “winner”.”
| oOo ==> Think Favorite Products at HUGE discounts!
Here’s Jason’s contender:
48 Hour Report 
(Retail: $39.95)
Create valuable, in demand, helpful and ACTION-INSPIRING information products in less than 48 hours!
Instant Expert
(Retail: $29.95)
Ace almost any skill in just a few hours!
| oOo ==> Will It Be Jason????
Bare Essence Squeeze Pages
(Retail: $29.95)
Squeeze pages that convert at 62.4% and more at a click of a button!
WP Enlighten
(Retail: $199.95)
(100 site license) A WordPress plugin that lets you create top converting sales pages, squeeze pages and video sales letters!
Double Your Productivity
(Retail: $39.95)
Effortlessly get two times more stuff done in 48 hours from now!
Stopwatch Copywriting
(Retail: $37.00)
Create world class, high converting sales letters in 3 hours or less!
Total Value: $376.75
Your Investment: ….
Yes! I choose “Jason’s Bundle” of Rapid Crush, Inc. products listed above!
| oOo ==> Will It Be Jason????
And here’s Wil’s entry:
Easy Redirect Script
(Retail: $77)
Amplify your ROI and protect yourself from losing your hard-earned traffic!
WP Twin
(Retail: $297)
(Unlimited license) Clone a WordPress blog in under 57 seconds, protect your assets and make more money in less time!
S3 Flowshield
(Retail: $97)
Protect yourself from bandwidth thieves and content pirates!
WP Redirector Pro
(Retail: $49.95)
Fire up your prospects and ethically FORCE them to take action!
| oOo ==> Will It Be WIL????
Payment Shield Pro
(Retail: $27)
How to avoid your Paypal account frozen or shut down…
WP Split Tester Pro
(Retail: $99.95)
(100 site license) Perform simple tests that will make you lots of money.. at a click of a button!
| oOo ==> Will It Be WIL????
Well?  Who will you choose?
The savings here… awesome indeed!
So if you want to light a fire under your
business today….
| oOo ==> Closes tomorrow!
Let me know who you choose!


Have you seen the talk and buzz about digital currencies lately
especially Bitcoin? 

Well Sue Fleckenstein (you know, the person who runs
the Authority PLR group))  has come out with one
of her quality PLR Niche packs on this exact topic – Bitcoin Buzz!

This super PLR pack will help position your customers as
THE Bitcoin Authority and it will show people how
they can Learn to Earn with Bitcoins!

Just look at everything it includes!: 

– Introductory PDF

– Keyword List 

– 1 ebook Bitcoin Buzz – Learn to Earn with Bitcoin 5,000 words 

– 5 articles 

– Articles turned into slides

| oOo ==>Catch those slides?

– 45 Tweets 

– 1 mini site 

– 1 ecovers 

– 6 banners

You can use this pack to position yourself as an authority with not just Bitocoins but with ALL digital currencies! 

| oOo ==> Catch that *all*?

Super coolness coming folks!  I  personally
know the benefits of Google Plus (as witnessed
by my bestselling Amazon Book, The Ultimate
Google Hangouts Roadmap) – Google+ is
the ONLY social network that both
your pages/content!
It’s a fact – master Google+ and see your
content rankings skyrockets.
Which brings me to this superGoodie:
| oOo ==> Increases Authorship, Authority AND
You name it, Googleplus will benefit you
| oOo ==> PLUS Power!
First, be alert that come 11am, I will
let you know about a terrific PLR product
about Bitcoins that will be released.  
Done for you as well!
Check out my review on the sales page!
| ==> Step by Step for EVERYTHING
And we’re talking EVERYTHING – if its
Kindle, it covered in this product.  Such 
a tremendous job done!  If you want
to know how to sell bunches of your book
without paying a dime……
Get it now.
Don’t forget our favs:
==> Earn1KaDay Power Community
==> Zero cost affiliate training from the
super popular NAMS group:
==> Marlon Sanders Big Book of Secrets

Barbara Ling

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